Co-Founder Michelle Lu on designing and building with our customers

I worked on a UX research project for Snap, built a ballet barre and jumping robot, and designed websites, mobile apps, brands, and experiences. Outside of Stanford, I became a Design Fellow at IDEO CoLab. All of these projects taught me one key thing: how to discover user needs and translate them into incredible products.

I’m passionate about designing for data… making sure that we avoid propagating biases and someday even work to combat them. If we do our job right, we have the opportunity to change the way that the most influential companies in the world make marketing decisions, and we take that responsibility very seriously.

  • Meeting with leaders in marketing (VPs/CMOs of awesome companies) and getting to build alongside them. It’s great to be able to get on quick calls and even send texts frequently — I love their passion for our product.
  • Honing my design skills on new tools like Figma
  • Working with advisors who believe in us and have so much knowledge to share: past founders, brilliant investors, marketing leaders, and more
  • Developing a deeper understanding of our technology by working with our CTO and Full-Stack Engineer
  • Endlessly workshopping our sales strategy until the cold calls got easier and response rates went up
  • Closing our first paying client
  • Seeing the delight in customers’ reactions (and in the numbers) when using Viralspace



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Viralspace AI

Viralspace AI

We help marketers make data-driven decisions with AI. Deep insights and prediction to boost engagement and ROI.