Launching our Covid-19 Facebook Ads Dashboard

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2 min readApr 30, 2020

At Viralspace, we’re dedicated to using data to unlock marketing insights. I Last week, we launched the Marketing Trends Dashboard for Instagram. Today, we’re launching its counterpart for Facebook Ads. Visit our Covid-19 Facebook Ads Trends Dashboard.

On our dashboard, you can track the top keywords, objects, and formats that brands are using on Facebook Ads. Filter by industry and ad minimum. Also, view a selection of ads that address Covid-19 for inspiration.

This week, we’re seeing typical words like “free” “shipping” “shop” and “new” remain on top. Marketers are also pointing for viewers to “download” their “app”, and talking about positive words like “motivation” and “happy”.

In the fashion industry, we see brands talking about “yoga” “stretch” and “performance” as they make the most of home workout trends. “Comfortable” and “free return” are also especially common in fashion. In terms of imagery, footwear is trending more than usual, pointing to new shoe releases. “Working out” imagery is trending more than usual, as well.

Meanwhile, personal care and beauty brands are talking about “shiny” “strong” “hair”, mentioning ingredients (or perhaps lack of ingredients) like “parabens”, and emphasizing on “bestselling” products.

Looking for inspiration on how to address Covid-19 in your ads? Take a look at these great responses from American Giant and Patagonia:

For more insights, click over to our Marketing Trends Dashboard.

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