Resources for Marketers in Covid-19

This is a list of free resources is designed to help marketers at companies of all sizes and types. This list will be regularly updated with new submissions.

Do you have additional resources to add? Please let us know!

At, we’re also offering 30 minutes of free consulting on Facebook Ads strategy with our CEO. We specialize in working with large consumer brands, but we welcome anyone who may need data-driven consulting in this time. Sign up here.

Understand how Covid-19 affects marketers

Summary: spending and revenue took a hit at the start of the pandemic, but both of those metrics have returned to near normal. People are still buying, and it still makes sense to seek performance.

Shifting your PPC (Facebook Ads, Google Ads) strategy

Summary: As you continue to run paid advertising, think about how to shift your tone. See if you can find new heroes in your product line, and if not, see if you can shift your messaging to directly address the pandemic. Talk about staying at home. Talk about comfort. Talk about staying normal.

Shifting your marketing strategy as a whole

Summary: Share useful PSAs. Bring light and positivity. Connect with your customers as people.

Strong Company Responses

Summary: Companies are doing everything from spreading PSAs to making huge donations. See if you can do the same: it’s more than just your marketing messages that should change!

Financial Support

Summary: There are emergency funding resources, especially for small businesses. Look into them here.

Working from Home

Summary: work from home is our “new normal.” New routines, tools, and mindsets will help you and your company adjust.

Free learning resources and tools

Summary: Looking to uplevel your skills? Looking for new tools? Many companies are offering free classes and resources to help with this.




We help marketers make data-driven decisions with AI. Deep insights and prediction to boost engagement and ROI.

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We help marketers make data-driven decisions with AI. Deep insights and prediction to boost engagement and ROI.

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