Track Covid-19 social media trends with our dashboard

What is the Marketing Trends Dashboard?

The Marketing Trends Dashboard tracks trends in keywords, objects, and hashtags across 100 consumer brands on Instagram. With this tool, you can stay on top of brand conversations and understand what topics and creative are resonating with people today. Currently, our organic Instagram tool is live, but we’re working on releasing a similar tool for Facebook Ads in the next week.

30 Minutes of Free Consulting with our CEO

We have other free resources, such as articles about Facebook Ads and a list of other marketing resources. Lastly, we’re offering 30 minutes of free consulting with our CEO to any marketer who would like help with their Facebook Ads. We specialize in working with large consumer brands, but are happy to consult with anyone. Sign up here.

Who are we, and why trust our insights?

Viralspace uses artificial intelligence to help marketers make data-driven decisions about their images and videos. Basically, we’re all about using data instead of guesswork to make creative decisions, and want to apply our expertise to help marketers adjust to the current climate. To compile our dashboard, we analyzed data from 100 brands since September 2019.



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Viralspace AI

Viralspace AI

We help marketers make data-driven decisions with AI. Deep insights and prediction to boost engagement and ROI.